Vacuum Repair Service For Your Convenience In Waldorf

At Red Vacuums we provide quality service in Waldorf, for Kirby vacuum cleaners.  Our outstanding staff provides you free estimates for any kind of Vacuum cleaner repair. Most estimates are given on the spot; otherwise we get back to you within 24 hours. We also provide a free pick up option within 7-miles of our store based on appointment.

Our professional team will completely disassemble your cleaner, repair or replace any worn Kirby parts, and sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny “new” appearance.


Our full Service includes the following:

While inspection, our eagle like eye checks Belt pulley and roller brush. If required, the lubricate is applied and cleaned it.

The rug plate is checked as it should be well conditioned to collect all the rugs in the future.

The handle grip and connections are tightened if it’s necessary.

Electronic wiring and light bulb,   motor for wear &electrical soundness are checked to prevent any hazards.

Air flow compartments and bag chambers are checked for free flow of air.

Wheels are checked for proper operation (and even lubricate may be applied if necessary).

Other inspections are –

Filters & filter screen

Seals & gaskets

Cord hooks & cord reel

Hose for structural integrity.

Internal components are also thoroughly inspected and repaired with Kirby replacement parts so that your system will perform at its highest level. When the process is complete, all portions of the unit will be tested to the same rigorous standards that were required when your Kirby system was first manufactured. Finally, the finished unit is carefully packaged and shipped back to you for many more years of use.


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